Isn’t it time for you to be able to lose weight, increase your energy and vitality ~ Easily? To feel good about yourself and enjoy being the old you again?

We pride ourselves in having developed a unique and advanced system to help you to lose weight and then maintain your weight and shape.

Using the power of hypnosis together with our own special mind tools that adapt uniquely to you we will help you be happy in your body and more importantly with yourself.

We really take into account those times when you might comfort eat, turn to a snack for whatever reason ~ THE HABIT. ~ We can help you break that habit.

We take into account the ‘Yo-Yo’ effect of traditional dieting and help you maintain your progress and motivation with an affordable programme that supports all your needs.

We are 3 Master Hypnotherapists & Hypnotists and have over 25years of experience of successfully working with clients.

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One of the reasons we are so successful with our clients is that we always offer a no risk, complimentary consultation. This lasts for approx. 20 minutes and allows you to feel totally comfortable we are right for you.

Whether you proceed or not we will give you our Self Hypnosis CD ‘What Will It Mean?‘ with our compliments.

When you choose to work with us we also give you our specially designed hypnosis CD (£19.99) to make sure you stay and remain on track.

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Dear Luke
I admit I came to hypnotherapy a cynic. I had tried diets and exercise and never stuck to them before and I wasn’t sure how hypnotherapy could help me. I am so pleased I gave it a go! The hypnotherapy helped change my mind set and now not only do I eat healthily and exercise regularly – I enjoy it too! In fact the whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable – I have loved talking to you, relished the relaxing feeling of trance when hypnotized and most of all I like the new me that is 1st 8lb lighter and happier! Thank you.
S Cambridge

The Gastric Hypnoband….. real or not???

We have had a couple of therapists contact me recently to ask me of my thoughts as to ‘The Hypno-Band’. There has been much publicity recently over this system that has been designed to aid clients weight loss within a hypnosis session (or 5) and I thought I’d take some time to share my thoughts on the process and its effectiveness.

So what is it? Well, simply put ‘The Hypno-Band’ is a process whereby the therapist will place their client into a state of hypnosis, and then take their mind on a journey through the actual process of Gastric Band surgery. The hoped for result is that the clients mind will fully accept the process and therefore the following result of having a smaller stomach and eating capacity. That’s it!

So what are our thoughts? Well Quite simply, unless you are the most susceptible person around, do you think that for one second you will leave a room believing you have just had ACTUAL surgery and that you are now the proud owner of a Gastric Band, it’s just not going to happen! Yes, the idea of visualising a smaller stomach can allow people to eat less, but surely this can be done without the whole surgery aspect? Does it really take 5 sessions? Well the answer is if you use ‘The Hypno-Band’ probably yes. Does it need to? NO!!! We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy work with clients for no more than 3 sessions.

So how do we differ? We use advanced levels of NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnosis to make quick lasting change! We use NLP to change how your mind perceives food and exercise. If instead of meaning comfort, your unconscious mind saw that the levels of food you were eating made you feel uncomfortable, then it’s not going to lead you to that unhealthy cupboard in your kitchen. If instead of trying to relieve you from that stressful day, your mind saw that your levels of stress were skyrocketing due to still being overweight, again it will not lead you to that cupboard. We also use Hypnosis to allow your mind to find everything that you need from new beliefs, resources and behaviours so that when you walk out of our room, you feel confident and motivated to succeed in your goal and find it easy to just watch the weight fall off!

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An overview of how to Achieve and maintain Weight Loss yourself.

Achieving weight loss is possible only if one puts their head to it. There are score of programs out there that claim a hundred percent success, many of which are bogus and no effect.  Many folks try all the various kinds of slimming diets to no avail. A good way to tackle this would be to tune up one’s eating habits. Never take off on pills that claim to slim a person down. Sticking with the traditional way of achieving weight loss is highly recommended, that is by exercising and watching what one eats.

It is not impossible to achieve weight loss; many have gone any length to do so and have had to pay the price while some have achieved the impossible. Losing weight is not the end of the road one has to maintain it as well. Never let achieving weight loss become an obsession or else when it is achieved one can bounce back.  Some people know all about diets and yet are overweight. Some diets offer rapid weight loss but are difficult to sustain
because of their rigidity. Lay off the junk food but for the occasional treat, curb your portions and alcohol intake as well other sweet drinks. Drink plenty of water, there is no drink like water. When on a controlled diet one should
reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates and increase the intake of vitamin C as this reduces the fat content in the body considerably. Get with a diet plan that will cause a long term change in your eating habits and also go easy on
your pocket.

The best time to exercise is in the morning as this helps burn calories long after the exercises are done. It is very important to keep the body fit this is where exercise comes in; it also speeds up ones metabolism. Achieving weight loss is not only possible when one goes to the gym, try jogging and running or as a matter of fact brisk walking also is very effective, snap out of the lazy mode and instead of using the lifts or elevators take to the stairs instead. Walking is one of the best forms of exercises in order to lose weight.  You got to keep your heart pumping at a good pace and exercise will do the needful, as you implement this you will find that you are more fit, agile and alert. So you see setting out to achieve weight loss has multiple benefits.

Before taking to any diet plans or exercise regimes one should consult a physician especially if you have been off exercise for some time. Maintain a level head and don’t expect to see results overnight. One has to work on achieving weight loss gradually; patience pays off, for best effects don’t give up in between. In the beginning everything seems rosy and easy and then one begins to slack off, let enthusiasm be your driving force, focus on the end picture and persevere.

All the best in your endeavor to achieve weight